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Membership in the Professional Association for Transparent Insulation

We are open to new members supporting the common cause - may it be a manufacturer, an institution or a private expert

Due to our basic understanding all members should have a positive reference to the idea and principles of solar wall heating and daylighting with Transparent Insulation.

Individuals and companies economically connected to the products using Transparent Insulation (manufacturers, processors or distribution of Transparent Insulation products) will be admitted as regular members.

Extraordinary membership may be requested by natural or legal persons, who do not have direct economic advantages from a membership.

The admission is decided by vote of all regular members. Details are laid down in the German  Statutes.

Current membership fees:

  Annual fee Admission fee
Regular member 1.100 € 2.000 €
Extraordinary member 65 €   *) none
  *) standard rate  

Last change: 26. Januar 2001


Are you interested in a membership?

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