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Who is the Professional Association for Transparent Insulation "Fachverband Transparente Wärmedämmung"?

Our association is a joint organization of manufacturers and research institutes dealing with a solar system entirely different from photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors - the third force in solar energy! The members of the association develop, manufacture and market a series of products using transparent insulation materials.

These systems, which are summarized and presented under the generic term "Solar Environment Wall" or "Transparent Insulation" (in short: TI), use the heat and light of the sun in a most simple way as a component of the building envelope. You may find more information on the systems on our page TI-Systems

Detailed information for building experts and owners is available under these categories on this homepage.

Since 1998 we developed further information and marketable systems. A main focus was to give architects and engineers support for planning. One main issue had been to develop a methodology for evaluation of the energy performance due to solar gains in the building standards and building codes. Within the German market the DIN4108 and DIN18599 now allow to calculate monthly energy gains by transparent insulation products. For the European market the EN13790 and EN832 are the relevant standards. Nowadays Solar Wall heating and daylighting with Transparent Insulation is contributing to an energy efficient building and renovation. Several product types are available on the market.

Our goals and tasks

  • We provide neutral information about TI products independent of company interests.
  • We support building designers, experts and owners with specific knowledge for planning and practical building.
  • We work on harmonisation of standard procedures for the calculation of energy and daylighting gains and campaign for the considerations of these aspects in relevant standards and regulations (e.g. the energy performance regulation).
  • We lobby for a fair governmental support of all regenerative energy systems - not only the established solar systems!
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