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Technical information and Guidelines for the application of Transparent Insulation

The association edits - depending on demand - technical guidelines and data sheets for the general construction, application and handling of the systems. Product-related information has to be demanded from the respective manufacturer. These special process specifications are very much product specific and cannot be provided by us, due to the number and variety of products.

The fundamental procedure for the calculation of the solar gains of the solar wall heating using Transparent Insulation is described in detail in our guideline. It allows the monthly calculation of solar gains as needed in building standards, e.g. EN 832 "Energy performance calculation of buildings":

Technical guideline (in German): "Bestimmung des Solaren Energiegewinns durch Massivwände mit transparenter Wärmedämmung" ( Download )

A majority of constructive specifications and considerations, which are needed for solar wall heating with Transparent Insulation, are compiled in another guideline.

Technical guideline (in German): "Verlegehinweise zur Transparenten Wärmedämmung" ( Download )

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