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Financial support for Solar Wall using TI

Energy-efficient building is promoted in Germany by the national government, the federal states and many municipalities. Similarly the application of solar energy is widely supported. Subsidies or favorable loans exist for new buildings and even more frequently, for energetic refurbishments and renovations. Transparent Insulation is not always mentioned explicitly. However, if the technology is solar and contributing to reductions in CO2, programs with more general goals not designed for a special technology are open for TI.

The most important nation-wide support are the favorable loans from the KfW-Bank, for example the CO2 Reduction Program.

There are specialized Websites which link and describe the different subsidies, also give some guidance - depending on residence and building project.

In Germany we may list the Deutsches Energieberaternetzwerk or the Fördermitteldatenbank der Energieagentur Rhein-Main. We do not have data for other countries up to now.