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Support tools and information for designing and application
of Transparent Insulation

The Professional Association for Transparent Insulation does not take over responsibility for a correct application of the calculation tools.

General information with respect to performance, properties and influencing factors for the solar wall heating with Transparent Insulation are compiled in the information document "Planerische Grundlagen und Hinweise" (in German). There you will also find check lists for the suitability of your intended building project for the application of Transparent Insulation.

Info (in German): "Planerische Grundlagen und Hinweise" Download - 400kB )

Calculations of energy performance, i.e. solar gains and thermal losses on a monthly basis, can be done on the basis of German and European standards (e.g. for the German energy-performance regulation EnEV 2002 and EnEV 2006). We support planners and engineers with the following calculation tools to prepare the input data for the standard building energy performance calculation tools. If no special TI-option is available in the building performance tool, we recommend to model the solar wall as an "equivalent window", having similarly solar gains and thermal losses.

Planning tool (description in German): "Excel-calculation tool to prepare input data for the solar wall heating using TI as equivalent window" ( Download - 140kB )

A special tool is available for the German standard DIN 4108 part 6, where the solar wall heating system using TI implies separate procedures. Not every commercial software has this option implemented, however it is nevertheless possible to described the system as an opaque element. However, the input data needed are not intuitive and not easy to find. Therefore we have prepared a special conversion tool for this procedure. Generally the option "equivalent window" is much easier to understand and to use.

Planning tool (description in German):
"Excel-calculation tool to prepare input data for the solar wall heating using TI as opaque wall element (DIN 4108-6)"
( Download - 150kB )

Description of procedure (in German): "Dokumentation zur Berechnungshilfe "opakes Bauteil" ( Download - 60kB )

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