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Heating with the power of the sun

We support designers, engineers, craftsmen and builders by neutral information with respect to all applications of Solar Walls using Transparent Insulation.

Gaining solar energy and daylight, saving heating and electrical energy,  and by the way reducing CO2 emissions - these are our main goals!

The "Solar Wall with Heat Storage"

Solar rays cross the transparent insulation and hit a dark,  preferably black absorbing massive wall. The wall conducts the heat to the interior room with a well-defined time delay: This saves year after year around 100 kilowatt hours per square meter of solar wall - and on top of that enhances the well-being and the indoor climate.        more...

Solar Wall as a  "Daylighting System"

Daylight without glare - this is the basic idea of our heat insulating daylight system. It is used mainly in commercial buildings such as office-buildings, schools, sports halls and museums. It provides comfortable daylight and saves electrical energy and shading devices.       more...

Change of Information Policy

The Association has changed the structure of its presentation policy.

Starting with 2010 printed information will be no longer available to be sent by surface mail. Already in the past the overwhelming part of the users preferred our online download service.

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