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Building with the power of the sun . . .

. . . implies to open buildings to the sun. Thus the building may directly benefit from daylight and solar energy gains. Special materials and building products have been developed for this aim - and on top of that they keep the comfortable temperature within the buildings. All those systems have been coined by the generic term "Transparent Insulation" (TI) used by building experts. As the power of the sun is the main driving force the term "Solar Environmental Wall" is used in the market.

The building materials and systems use solar energy in facades and roofs both in a simple and intelligent way. The materials are either used as filling components in a glazing or a collector or they may be used themselves as a weather-proof cover. Depending on the application the main purpose may be daylight provision and natural lighting or solar gains for heating the building.
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Building and refurbishment

The systems are eligible for new buildings optimized for solar gains as well as for the improvement and renovation of existing buildings - to provide improved heat insulation, solar gains and comfortable light at zero cost for lifetime!

The three variants of
Transparently Insulated Solar Walls:

Solar Wall
     as heat storage

Integrated in a facade insulation system   it does not only reduce thermal losses by insulation, but heats the building as well by using sun's energy !

Solar Wall
     as daylighting system

Daylight without glare, no necessity for rollers, Venetian blinds or artificial lighting. Daylighting systems save electrical power and protect the environment!

Solar Wall
     as enhanced insulation system
Glazed solar walls utilize the energy of the sun to provide a warm second coat for the building and thus reduce the heat losses or even prevent them totally!

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