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Solar Wall Heating with Transparent Insulation

Solar collector without piping, cabling and maintenance!

The Solar Wall using Transparent Insulation for heating purposes turns a (south oriented) facade into a maintenance free solar collector - but without any complex piping and cabling, very simple and aesthetical. The principle: Solar rays cross the light permeable Transparent Insulation module and hit the dark massive wall. Here the solar power is converted into heat and stored in the wall, which conducts the heat with a time delay of several hours into the interior. Solar heating for the nighttime! Due to this feature excess heat during daytime can be avoided and during night time the solar heating system still works and keeps the rooms warm.

The heat radiation enhances the thermal comfort, since most people perceive this sort of heat source to be very pleasant.

Attractive and energy efficient:
The dark grey areas within the facade show, where solar wall elements are mounted at this multi-story dwelling. The other parts have been insulated with a conventional exterior thermal insulation composite system (ETICS), showing white and colored areas. The balconies were glazed in order to reduce the thermal losses and extend the period of use.
(Picture: Sto AG)

Unnecessary fear of overheating

In wintertime, when the sun position is low during the day, the rays penetrate almost completely the transparent insulation structure and reach the wall. However, during summer when the sun is high, the energy input is very much reduced due to the solar wall principle. Therefore many buildings need no solar protection at all. Using constructional shading by balconies and roof projections or other seasonal shading measures, such as prismatic glazing, the seasonal heating demand is matched even better. Active solar protection is just needed usually for very large glazed areas or for east or west oriented walls, where the summer solar gains are much higher due to sun position and daylight duration.

The "Solar Wall Heating with Transparent Insulation" is ideal for dwellings and for renovations as well. It is mounted during construction or modernization and delivers solar energy - without any maintenance and costs - for the rest of the long lifetime. The first prototypes from the early 80's still work without any problem!

The three variants of
Transparently Insulated Solar Walls:

Solar Wall
     as heat storage

Integrated in a facade insulation system   it does not only reduce thermal losses by insulation, but heats the building as well by using sun's energy !

Solar Wall
     as daylighting system

Daylight without glare, no necessity for rollers, Venetian blinds or artificial lighting. Daylighting systems save electrical power and protect the environment!

Solar Wall
     as enhanced insulation system
Glazed solar walls utilize the energy of the sun to provide a warm second coat for the building and thus reduce the heat losses or even prevent them totally!

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