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Solar Wall as Daylighting System

Daylight provision for building - in perfect quality

By means of light scattering direct sunlight becomes better suited for room illumination. The homogeneous illumination is amenable and enhances security too e.g. in workshops. The daylight is distributed throughout the interior with no glare, there are no hard cast shadows. The large choice of products with different light scattering qualities and added solar protection ensures, that an optimum quality and quantity of light and energy is entering the building. Visual transmittance and total solar energy transmittance (g-value) may be varied independently to some extent according to the demand.

This super market in Tyrol uses a daylighting systems - and thus provides during the whole daytime amenable, natural light without too strong dynamics, which might irritate the customers.
(Architect: Dominique Perrault,
Picture: Okalux)
The daylighting systems have an excellent thermal resistance and provide a high insulation value.
They achieve the same insulation performance as low-e triple glazing with U-values down to 0.5 W/m²K or even better. In addition, they keep this insulation quality nearly constant even for very low ambient temperatures or as roof glazing. In conventional low-e glazing units the heat resistance may decrease essentially for these situations due to strong convection. According to calculations using EN 673 the performance might deteriorate in extreme situations by 45%. Daylighting elements with transparent insulation are able to suppress convection much better.

The three variants of
Transparently Insulated Solar Walls:

Solar Wall
     as heat storage

Integrated in a facade insulation system   it does not only reduce thermal losses by insulation, but heats the building as well by using sun's energy !

Solar Wall
     as daylighting system

Daylight without glare, no necessity for rollers, Venetian blinds or artificial lighting. Daylighting systems save electrical power and protect the environment!

Solar Wall
     as enhanced insulation system
Glazed solar walls utilize the energy of the sun to provide a warm second coat for the building and thus reduce the heat losses or even prevent them totally!

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