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Manufacturers and Solar Wall Products

Makrolon Transparent multichannel plate
Nanogel® Nanoporous high tech material
Transparent aerogel
effect panel
Triple glazed wall collector with integrated honeycomb
wall panel
Glazed wall collector with integrated honeycomb
GLASSX®crystal TI-glazing incorporating latent heat storage and seasonal shading
Linit - TWD TI-System
using U-profiled glass
Kapilux-TWD Low-e double glazing unit with integrated TI-capillary plate
Kapilux-T/-W Low-e triple glazing unit with integrated TI-capillary plate (daylight optimized)
Okapane Light scattering TI-capillary material
Sto Therm Solar TI exterior thermal insulation cover system (ETICS) having a plaster-type surface
TIMax® Ca TI honeycomb structure
TIMax® GL TI light scattering inlay for U-shaped glass
ViewPan® Translucent panel (indoor application)


This overview quickly and simply shows all the TI systems offered for your convenience.

If you click on the product name (2nd column) or the short description (3rd column), a product description pops up.

If you want to be redirected to the manufacture´ s homepage you may click on the logo of the respective company.


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